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School Bus

The company was founded in 1982 around the need to transport children from the region to school and has served this purpose continuously ever since. This winter, children from three different areas are transported to three schools within the county of Þingeyjarsýsla, including those in our home region of Reykjahverfi.

Transporting Disabled People

Fjallasýn has provided transportation for disabled people in Norðurþing from the first days of this service being offered by the town councils. Persons with reduced mobility due to disability, illness or age are transported in a specially equipped vehicle between home, work, school, physiotherapy facilities and leisure activities. For this task we use a Mercedes Benz Sprinter with several seats and sufficient space for wheelchairs.

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Snow Clearance and More

Fallasýn has been providing snow clearance services for driveways in Reykjahverfi for two decades and the road up to and around Þeistareykir power plant for almost a decade. Fjallasýn is also a contractor for customers in need of tractors and small excavators as well as renting out a self-propelled scissor lift.

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