FS-085 Melrakkaslétta

A day tour to Melrakkaslétta, including Rauðinúpur, is likely to yield 60-65 species of birds.  Gyr Falcon has to be considered to be likely.  Melrakkaslétta never ceases to surprise birdwatchers with rarities.  

As soon as we have crossed the bridge on the river Jökulsá, we are in Öxarfjörður district and have quite a list of places to stop and look arround. The first is at the tree-plantation at Akurgerði which is likely to yield Winter Wren, Common Redpoll and Redwing. We will then take a look at Great Skua at Austursandur.

Along the coast to the village Kópasker are sandy beaches and rocky shoreline, and lakes or wetlands on land, which gives now and then good chance for variety of birds. Gulls, even Iceland Gull or Little Gull. Common Eider and even King Eider. We might try to see Northern Wheatear. Just to name few. Ponds and wetlands can also be teeming with good variety of wetland birds and Red-throated Divers.

From here, going further to the unique area of Melrakkaslétta, we will have open eyes for Gyr Falcon. Purple Sandpiper and Snow Bunting area very common.

Nýhöfn area has often scarce shorebirds among more common ones such as Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Ruddy Turnstone and Red Knot. Near the farm Núpskatla is a large colony of Arctic Terns. From here we will have a hike to the bird cliffs of Rauðinúpur, which enable you to see Brünnich Guillemot among the more numerous Common Guillemot and Razorbill. Northern Gannets are on a rock next to the cliffs.

Going further, to the village Raufarhöfn, we will have good look at the shoreline as there are birds almost everywhere. We look for Common Shelduck, and closer to Raufarhöfn are good birding spots, some packed with waders. Great Cormorants are also here.

From Raufarhöfn we turn back to Húsavík.

Melrakkaslétta Birdingtrail video


Availability: May – August – on request, reservation required

Departure: Húsavík
Departure time: After further agreement.

Tour duration: Approx. 12 hours

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation.

Tour price (pr vehicle):
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For further information, please contact info@fjallasyn.is

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