The Birding Trail of Northeast Iceland

Northeast Iceland is the richest birding area in Iceland, both in terms of number of species and the abundance of birds. The best time for bird watching is from mid May to mid June. Most of the breeding birds can still be found in the area in July, although many of them are then rather reclusive because of the moult period.

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Birding Trail of Northeast Iceland

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anelogo.jpgbirdtrail_northeast_ad.jpgbirdtrail_northeast_ad.jpgArctic Nature Experience welcomes you to Northeast Iceland, the Edge of the Arctic where nature’s raw energy uplifts and recharges you!  
Iceland’s Northeast region is located in middle of Atlantic ocean. The Mid-Atlantic ridge, which connects the American and European tectonic plates, also runs through this part of Iceland. You can actually feel the earth’s vibrant energy offering you an exclusive chance to explore the northeast region’s unique geology, land formations and natural energy sources of geothermal and hydroelectric power.  Arctic Nature Experiences offers a variety of geo-tours to explore this region.
The Northeast has much to offer – from glacial plains and fjords to lava fields and glaciers, to the unbound power of the North Atlantic sea and several powerful waterfalls. Iceland is also known for its healing waters, with ancient minerals deep from inside the earth dissolved into warm soothing natural “hot pots” which dot the landscape. Plus, the local people have customs and sagas to tell you passed on down from Viking times. They are warm and inviting to anyone interested in learning about their language, customs and region.
Despite it’s location at the edge of the arctic, winters are considerably mild due to the Gulf stream which brings warmer air from more southerly locations around Iceland. This region is also known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, where the sun shines around the clock during the summer months.
And not everyone has a chance to travel to the Arctic Circle where you can get a certificate stating you traveled here. Take your time and really absorb the whole experience of the region. It’s not every day you get to experience the earth at work with so much nature around you.
In our minds, slow travel is the way to fully enjoy this region. Not only because of the nature or landscape, but also as a way of connecting to the place and its people.
You will find our selection of tours with Arctic Nature Experience wide and varied appealing to all levels of interest offering you a more meaningful experience of the northeast region of Iceland.


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