Do you need a bus for a day trip or even a longer one?
Our services are at your disposal.

Fjallasýn is a family firm that specializes in organizing and providing sightseeing services with or without guides. Various day tours and multi-day tours in North Iceland. Our travel experts are armed with years of experience in organising and implementing tours of various kinds. Our vehicle fleet comprises coaches of many sizes and types, jeeps and smaller cars, all of which are well equipped and reliable. Our busses  are located all over the country, like in Akureyri and the Reykjavík area.Whether the groups are large or small, we are always ready to travel, winter, summer, spring or fall.

We urge you to contact us, for more information. Perhaps you prefer to go our way.

Telephone number is (+354) 464 3941 or 464 3940.

Code of Conduct

  •     The company provides its customers with courteous and reliable service.
  •     The company maintains and respects confidentiality and discretion in all customer relations.
  •     The company is guided by honesty and fairness in all communication and business transactions.
  •     The company accords all its customers equal respect and consideration, regardless of, for example, gender, origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, social standing and physical aptitudes.
  •     The company ensures that all information to its customers is correct and that its advertising provides a truthful and reliable impression of its services and facilities.
  •     The company prices goods and services unambiguously, in compliance with current legislation.
  •     The company makes an effort to answer all enquiries and requests in a fair and efficient manner.
  •     The company guarantees a fair and prompt handling of complaints.
  •     The company upholds and observes all laws and regulations pertaining to its operation and ensures their implementation.
  •     The company ensures that its bookkeeping and accounting practice is conducted in a professional manner.
  •     The company meets all its responsibilities to employees by observing the law in every respect as well as current collective bargaining agreements.
  •     The company ensures that its employees receive proper training and that their working conditions are appropriate.
  •     The company ensures the safety of its employees and customers by means of professional work practices and by maintaining high standards, both in facilities and equipment.
  •     The company acts in a responsible manner towards Iceland’s nature, environment and society.
  •     The company upholds the interests and reputation of Iceland as a high quality destination, emphasising hospitality, excellent service and sustainability.


Fjallasýn, Smidjuteigur 7, 641 Husavik, Iceland.
Id: 631092-2259
VAT 35744

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