The Icelandic Yule Lads

The magical Mývatn area is one of Iceland´s most spectacular destinations and renowned for its natural beauty. There, in Dimmuborgir live the delightfully eccentric Yule Lads, 13 sons of ogress Gryla and her pathetic husband Leppaludi. Traditionally, the Yule Lads start coming from the mountains 13 days prior to Christmas, one each day, bringing little gifts to well behaved children who have placed a shoe in the window for the treats.

The Yule Lad tradition has a long history in Icelandic folklore and may be viewed as the Icelandic version of Santa Claus, except there are thirteen instead of one. You might not see all 13 at once but you will get a chance to know the individual characters of the ones you meet, their eccentricities and their stories.

Northeast Iceland has been called the land of winter adventure. When the ground is blanketed with snow and the flora has settled in for the long winter´s sleep, the Yule Lads begin to stir, bringing life, excitement and a sense of wonder to the season. It is a time when local folks offer a variety of recreations to brighten up the toil of everyday life. Everyone should find something to suit their interest.

Anything can happen in the depths of Icelandic winter. The mountain view is impressive and the Northern Lights can frequently be seen dancing across the sky on a clear winter’s night. Whether you choose to enjoy the scene with a camera in hand or soaking in a hot nature bath, it is a wonderful way to spend the Christmas holidays – ideal for recharge one’s batteries!  

Welcome to Dimmuborgir - home of the Yule Lads
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