FS-139  Lighthouse Trail

Human activity has prospered for more than a thousand years along the Þingeyjarsýsla (Northeast Iceland) coasts where, century after century, varying conditions have made their mark on the generations. The ocean breeds rich fishing grounds where fishermen seek a living in both large and small boats.

Where conditions are favourable, settlements have sprung up, thriving villages and a town, where the harbours have always played a key role as bustling centres of activity. What the people do, create and cause to happen is known as culture.

The coastal culture of Þingeyjarsýsla is rich and varied. It has a strong connection with the past, but its people also look towards the future with optimism. The aim is set high.

It is a century now, since travellers and seafarers began to be guided by the bright flashes emanating from the lighthouses dotted along the coastline at regular intervals, like gigantic guardians.

In the Þingeyjarsýsla area there are 14 friendly pillars of stone sending flashes of light to those who pass their domains to warn them of impending danger. They guard the coasts of Þingeyjarsýsla, shed light on the culture of the inhabitants and, in many cases, show travellers the way to places of interest.

But lighthouses are also interesting for travellers on land, as well as their locations and surrounding. And perfect places for story telling.

Availability:  June - September,  on request for groups, min 6.

Departures optional: Húsavík

Tour duration: 3 days

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation, accommodation and meals

For further information, please contact info@fjallasyn.is

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