FS-046 Great geological sites: from Krafla to Askja

The tour focus is on two main areas; Krafla near Mývatn and Dyngjufjöll (Askja).

Craters and volcanoes have sculpted the landscape of the Mývatn region, many of which are famous attractions and spots of special interest, Krafla area included.  Krafla area is a caldera of about 10 km in diameter, part of about 90 km long fissure zone. In Krafla area is one of two best known Víti craters in Iceland, but the other is in Askja (víti means hell).

The Mývatn fires occurred in Krafla area between 1724–29. Between 1975 and 1984 there was a volcanic episode within the Krafla volcano. It involved nine volcanic eruptions and fifteen uplift and subsidence events. During these events a large magma chamber emerged. This has been identified by analysing the seismic activity. The boundless energy which swells and rumbles in the bowels of the earth has been harnessed to some extent, for example by building geothermal steam plants at Krafla volcano and Bjarnarflag high-temperature area.

The Krafla area also includes Námafjall, a geothermal area with boiling mudpools and steaming fumaroles.

Dyngjufjöll mountains are located to the north of the glacier Dyngjujökull which extends north from Vatnajökull. This is a barren mountain cluster encircling the 50 km2 Askja caldera. Subsidence in Askja's south-east corner has formed a smaller caldera now filled by Öskjuvatn, Iceland's deepest lake, with a maximum depth of 220 metres. The crater Víti, next to Öskjuvatn, was formed in a huge explosive volcanic eruption in 1875. The warm water in the crater is suitable for bathing and is popular among visitors.

The tour start from Húsavík, or any other nearby area like Mývatn. The first day we have good time in Krafla area but from there we go to the inland with several stops like near Mt. Herðubreið. Last part of this day is to take a look at Drekagil in Dyngjufjöll. There is planned accommodation for one night. The second day, we look into Askja caldera. In the afternoon we drive through Dyngjufjalladalur and Suðurárbotnar towards Mývatn area and end from the place we started the first day.

Availability:  July - Aug/Sep - on request, reservation required

Departures optional: Húsavík or Mývatn

Tour duration: 2 days

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation, accommodation for one night and meals

Note: Please note that autumn travel may involve changes in the itinerary because of possibly difficult access to one or more of the sites.

* a super jeep tour, or 4x4 trucks for groups

For further information, please contact info@fjallasyn.is

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