FS-045 Arctic Nature Experience – Melrakkaslétta & Langanes

Kópasker is a small village in Núpasveit district. It grew around the operation of the Co-op, providing services to local agriculture and fisheries. There is also an interesting exhibition at the Kópasker Earthquake Center.

Melrakkaslétta plain is renowned for the natural splendor of its spring and summer nights, a large number of lakes and rich bird life. At the northern end of the plain is Hraunhafnartangi point, Iceland's northernmost tip.

The Þistilfjörður region, which is fertile farming country,  boasts of green meadows and slopes that alternate with silvery streams  and rivers, which, on closer inspection, often disclose the presence of trout and  salmon. An idyllic location it is and much appreciated, especially by hikers and bird watchers.  Farther, towards the northeast is Langanes, a peninsula protruding far into arctic waters. Langanes is a veritable outdoor paradise teeming with birdlife, great for nature study and hiking as well as some tangible history. Until the mid 20th century nearly all of Langanes was inhabited. Gradually, however, the farms in the outlying part of the peninsula have been deserted and the settlement has moved to Þórshöfn and vicinity. Þórshöfn, Bakkafjörður and Vopnafjörður are villages where fishing industry is highly important as well as they are like service centers for their vicinity.

For thousands of years, Jökulsá á Fjöllum, one of Iceland's largest rivers, has continued to flow from under the glacier Vatnajökull and wound its way through a landscape of diverse aspects for a distance of about 200 km until merging with the sea in Öxarfjörður bay. On its long journey, the river has carved numerous channels into the highland bedrock and to the west of Hólsfjöll it cascades from a tall rocky ledge, forming the huge waterfall Dettifoss, plunging into, magnificent canyons which extend all the way down to lowland. 

This tour gives very good chance to see many interesting nature spots, more and less following the coast line, but also visiting the national park in Jökulsárgljúfur (canyon of the river Jökulsá). The coastal culture is rich here but farming is as well important. Northern and fresh geographical position have inspired the locals and their traditions. In the tour you get chance to meet with few of them and maybe get inspired as well. And getting information from first place about culture and saga. We will have refreshing walk now and then, mostly in quitet and relaxing atmosphere next to the coastline, from flat sand areas up to higher places with better view arround.

Availability:  May 15th - September - on request, min 4 or min rate

Departures optional: Húsavík

Tour duration: 3 days

Price: Please contact us.

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation, accommodation for two nights and meals

For further information and bookings, please contact info@fjallasyn.is

Note that itinerary take some changes after seasons as spring and fall is bit different than this map show.

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