Askja & Kverkfjöll

Highland of Iceland

2 day program

We use super-jeeps or other 4x4 vehicles for groups

Short tour description
The tour start in Myvatn area (or another agreed place). We drive from Myvatn to the inland, after short while on the main road, we turn to a mountain road, and head to Herdubreidarlindir near Mt. Herðubreið, where is one of main stop. On this way, we across rivers and will make other (short) stops. We keep on, pass mt. Herðubreid and drive to Drekagil, a canyon in the circle of mountains (Dyngjufjoll), which around the caldera (Askja). In the later part of the day we explore Askja area and the newest land here, lava field from 2014/2015 volcano activities. Then we head to Kverkfjoll (north side of the glacier Vatnajokull) where we will have overnight. After “mountain dinner” we might take a short walk, depends on circumstances and interest, to a hill or a mountain to get even more overview, where the contrasts are so strong and circumstances

Next morning, we drive to the glacier and will explore it and the area for while. Weather and other circumstances will tell for how long on the glacier and/or on another nearby places. One part of this day is to see where the river Jokulsa á Fjollum starts (visibly) from the edge of the glacier. In the afternoon is time to turn back, explore Hvannalindir (an oasis in the desert) and then continue through Krepputunga to Modrudalur, with short stops, and from there we follow main road to Myvatn (or another agreed nearby place).

Bit about main focus areas
Ódáðahraun is Iceland's most extensive lava field, a practically continuous desert from Vatnajökull glacier northwards to the mountains in the Mývatn region. The most renowned of those is Herðubreið, a table mountain 1682 metres in height, long referred to as "the queen of Icelandic mountains" and recently elected Iceland's National Mountain by popular vote. Approximately 5 km north of the mountain are Herðubreiðarlindir springs, a green oasis in stark contrast to the bleak surrounding desert. Conspicuous among the lush Herðubreiðarlindir flora are clusters of garden angelica, several willow varieties and colorful aggregations of arctic river beauty.

Dyngjufjöll mountains are located to the north of the glacier Dyngjujökull which extends north from Vatnajökull. This is a barren mountain cluster encircling the 50 km2 Askja caldera. Subsidence in Askja's south-east corner has formed a smaller caldera now filled by Öskjuvatn, Iceland's second deepest lake, with a maximum depth of 220 metres. The crater Víti, next to Öskjuvatn, was formed in a huge explosive volcanic eruption in 1875.

Kverkfjöll mountains are a huge mountain range at the northern extremity of Vatnajökull glacier. The region is characterised by alternations of ice sheets and clusters of natural hot springs. Kverkfjöll is an ideal destination for those who want to combine the experience of visiting Iceland's highlands and glaciers, not at least due to the interesting hiking routes of the area. For thousands of years, Jökulsá á Fjöllum, one of Iceland's largest rivers, has continued to flow from under the glacier Vatnajökull (one part from Kverkfjöll) and wound its way through a landscape of diverse aspects for a distance of about 200 km until merging with the sea in Öxarfjörður bay. On its long journey, the river has carved numerous channels into the highland bedrock.

Practical items
It is good to have in mind to be prepared for different type of weather. Iceland and weather, you never know! It can be “warm” or cold, dry or rain, calm or wind etc. We recommend hiking boots/shoes. In Askja (the caldera) can be snow on the walk path during the summer season. And we will walk on a lava, on sand, glacier etc, so different circumstances.

Meeting point:
We do normally start tours from Myvatn area (North Iceland), but other
options are possible as these are private tours and therefore bit flexible regarding timings
and such. Note that final price might be different if start/end is different from our normal

General meeting place in Myvatn area is the information centre

Start time:
8:30 am (or agreed differently)

Is built on the program and as private tour type with selected number of people. Total tour price.

A super-jeep or super-van with a driver guide for 2 day journey, one night in a
mountain hut (Sigurdarskali), meals (2x lunch package, 1x dinner, 1x breakfast), day fee
for Askja (facilities) and shower fee for Sigurdarskali. Also minimum gear for glacier

Not included
Breakfast on day 1, dinner on day 2. Personal insurances.

* Note that overnight in Sigurdarskali is type of sleeping bag accommmodation. We can
provide bags or blankets.

We normally ask for deposit to confirm booking and then full payment before the tour

For further information, please feel free to contact by email to

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