Oris's Impressive Presentation - rugged Col Moschin Limited Edition replica watches

It's well known for most of us that any kind of luxury replica watches has always being the indispensable accessory for the rich and famous ones and is also what they eager to own.

Nevertheless, luxury replica watcheses sometimes have many invisible purposes beyond simply impressive looks. Luxury watchmaker Oris, released its brand new Col Moschin Limited Edition watch.

what makes the Col Moschin Limited Edition replica watches design from Oris so unique is that it was tested by Col Moschin, maybe the most excellent and special forces unit of the Italian replica.

Featuring the colors of the Italian flag, the Col Moschin replica watches is availble in different colored version, including red, white and green in the "Power reserve Indicator" dial.

It's quite easy to see that the Col Moschin is stunningly rugged and long lasting.

The replica watches has gone through the extensively field test. Anti-magnetic properties promise precision in the air.

The replica watches endured plane jumps from 9,000 meters except for underwater dives down to 40 meters.

In water, an extra safety character is the patented "Safety is rotation System". His total resistance in any situation of titanium with a tungsten ring.

The Oris replica watches is featured in a 49mm replica watches case, which makes it take on a more masculine and rugged look.

The Col Moschin is crafted with a screw-down crown and crown shield. It also bears a captivating sapphire crystal with interior anti-reflective coating.

Moreover, the replica watches is also designed with an expandable black rubber strap with safety clasp. The bezel is thick with a brush-finish.

The replica watches comes as a very limited edition, since there are only 2,000 pieces available for this exceptional model.

The replica watches will be available at this year's Baselworld 2014 conference. Undoubtedly, this newly impressive presentation from Oris can catch many replica watches fashionists' eyes.