FS-004 Mývatn Wonders

On arrival in the area, the passenger inevitably focuses first on the lovely Laxá river to the left of the highway as the bus approaches the clusters of pseudo craters at Skútustaðir, where a refreshing walk reveals these craters that look like real craters but they have never spewed forth anything, since they were created a few thousand years ago by sizzling hot lava flows into the lake, followed by steam explosions.

From there the tour leads to the unique Dimmuborgir lava formations, including a brief visit to Grjótagjá, ensconced deep in the rocky rift formed by the two separating tectonic plates, thereafter to Námafjall with its boiling and bubbling solfatara or sulphur pits and then to Sigurgeir´s Bird Museum that proudly exhibits 180 bird species.

A visit to the Nature Baths is also an exhilarating and unforgettable experience that you will not want to miss (ticket not included).

Many of us recall that worldwide attention focused on the Mývatn district more than forty years ago, when the dynamic explorer duo of Armstrong and Aldrin, studied its lunar aspects, in the course of their training for the first manned flight to the moon.


Availability: Private tour with a local guide. All year round – daily on request, reservation required

Departures optional: Akureyri or Húsavík (and in Mývatn area) 

 Departure time: On request

Approx. duration of tour: 8 hours

Included: Fully guided tour, transportation and ticket for Sigurgeir’s Bird Centre.

Warm clothes and good shoes are recommended.

Note: Refreshments are not included in price. Please note that winter travel may involve changes in the itinerary because of possibly difficult access to one or more of the sites.

Tour price (pr. vehicle)  - see booking form below.

Also available as 11-12 hours tour, with dinner time or some seasonal or evening focus, like northern lights during winter.

For further information, please contact  info@fjallasyn.is

Bookings can be made here aside (booking form), where is possible to select different departure time. But as this is private tour, other options are also possible.



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