Northern Lights On Your Own
- Ideal Tour for Two

Enjoy this unique phenomenon in the Lake Myvatn area.

Fly to the coastal town of Húsavík, where you will pick up a rental car at the airport. At the rental office you will receive information about the area and specific places of interest. Your hotel is situated at Lake Myvatn, where you can on a clear night, without even leaving the hotel, see the stunning Northern lights dancing in the sky.  The hotel even offers wake up calls to those who cheerfully choose to sacrifice a few moments of sleep for a view of the aurora borealis.

Day 1
Flight to Húsavík. At Húsavík airport you will receive the keys to a four wheel drive car, useful advice about local road conditions and you will be ready for some exploring on your own.

Day 2
The Mývatn area is one of Iceland's most popular tourist destinations and renowned for its wonders of nature. This almost mystical area with its magnificent, volcanic landscape and rich summer bird life is truly a tempting place to visit, observe and explore.

Specific Places of Interest

• Hverarönd (Hverir), or the Sulphur Pit Fringe at Námafjall: an area of boiling and ever-changing sulphur pits or solfatara and steam spouting holes or fumaroles located at the foot of a colourful tuff mountain.
• Dimmuborgir (Dark Castles): An area, where a lava flow from ground fissures nearby, created a lake of sizzling lava about three thousand years ago. This lava lake almost instantly found a natural runoff channel, leaving in its wake magnificently shaped rock and cliff formations, occasionally even bringing forth zoomorphic shapes. Dimmuborgir is a place of surprises with its marvels of small caves and crevices alternating with towering volcanic rock formations, not to mention the sundry bull’s eye phenomena.
• Skútustaðagígar: pseudocraters, also known as rootless cones that were formed by steam explosions, when boiling lava flowed over the wetlands in the district. Their quaint collective name stems from the fact that they have since their explosive creation, never erupted and never will, as the alternative name rootless cones clearly indicates. These craters are numerous in the district and they are protected as part of a natural wetlands conservation programme.  Several specimens of them are located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel or more precisely just across the road.
• Sigurgeir's Bird Museum: the largest known private bird collection in Iceland.
• Mývatn Nature Baths: Iceland’s brand new geothermal spa. A great way to relax in the delightfully warm pool of an evening, while watching the northern lights flashing through the dark sky above.
• Dettifoss: A waterfall that boasts of the greatest water volume of any waterfall in Europe; five hundred cubic metres of water per second plunge into the canyon below. Dettifoss is 45 m high and 100 m wide. We can arrange for a super jeep to take you through to this magnificent site, in case the road is closed due to snow. This service, however, is not complementary, but available and reasonably priced.

Day 3
Transfer to Húsavík Airport for the return flight to Reykjavík.

Included in Tour Price:

Return flights
(REK-HZK-REK) including tax.

Rental car
Skoda Octavia 4WD or similar. (Unlimited Mileage, CDW, TP, Fees and Tax.)

Double room,
breakfast included, at hotel in Lake Myvatn District for two nights.

€ 750
Note:  The tour price is based on two persons travelling together.

Season: September – April

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Departures from Reykjavík: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

For further information and booking, please check or contact

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