Holuhraun & Askja, super-jeep private day tour

A long but adventurous day tour to Holuhraun, the newest lava field in Iceland as result from volcanic activities in Bárðarbunga, and Askja which is considered as mother of calderas. These sites are situation in a very remote part of the central highlands of Iceland.
We use a super-jeep for this tour.

Season start in June and will continue through September. Start and end of the season might vary due to circumstances.

Departure is from Mývatn or another agreed location. Tour duration is expected to be 12-13 hours.

During the day are several stops for looking around and stretching legs. And enjoying the mountain air, sense the area and view variable sceneries. Mains stops are two, in Holuhraun and Askja.

Start is planned from Mývatn, or another agreed location, such as Húsavík or Akureyri, or hotels/guesthouses in the area.
From lake Mývatn we take road 1 to east, towards the crater Hrossaborg, where we turn on road F88, and the experience of inland road begin.

We across the rivers Grafarlandaá (with short stop) and Lindá and make a stop in the nature reserve Herðubreiðarlindir, nearby mt. Herðubreið which is well formed table mountain. As we continue, we see well the contrast here, with kind of a oasis on one hand, but rough lava on the other hand. And close by is a magnifiecent glacier river.

We head to Dyngjufjöll and make a stop by the canyon Drekagil. Dyngjufjöll is a circle of mountains around the caldera Askja. Two groups of Apollo astronauts used this area 1965 and 1967 (as well as few others in the region) for geology training. In and nearby this canyon (Drekagil) as well as few others nearby spots are mentioned. Some are on our way to Holuhraun.

Getting close to this new landscape, view opens up to the glaicer area and vast sand. We will take a look at Holuhraun, first nearby Vaðalda, where the lava flowed into a glacier river.

Now is time to head back to Drekagil and further more up to parking by Vikraborgir (row of craters since 1961), to have have look over the caldera Askja.

Finally, we turn back to Mývatn or the start point, by taking the same route back as in the morning.



Daily departure - Upon request

Availability: June  - Sept/Oct   – reservation required.

Departure: Mývatnsstofa (Information center in Reykjahlíð, Mývatn area http://ja.is/myvatnsstofa-upplysingamistod/  ), or another agreed place for a private tour. Also possible to organize from another location nearby with added travel time and price.

Departure time:  As agreed.

Tour duration: 12-13 hours

Tour price: 
See booking form on this page.

Price includes: Transportation, guidance (in English), highland’s service day fee.

Not included: food and drinks, personal insurance. As there are no restaurants in Askja area (or in this part of the highland), we highly recommend that people bring lunch package and water.

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