Askja Day Tours

Fjallasýn provide Askja day tour from Mývatn (summer season).

FS-032b) In a comfortable super-van or 4x4 bus (with limited number of passengers).

FS-032s) Daily (upon request) in a super jeep with bit more flexibility. Shared with up to 6 people in a jeep.

FS-032p) Daily (upon request) private super jeep tour.

We have also option of bigger groups in a bus.

A visit to Askja is always a meaningful experience. “Bit like another world”.

Dyngjufjöll mountains are located to the north of the glacier Dyngjujökull which extends north from Vatnajökull. This is a barren mountain cluster encircling the 50 km2 Askja caldera. Subsidence in Askja’s south-east corner has formed a smaller caldera now filled by Öskjuvatn, Iceland’s second deepest lake.The crater Víti, next to Öskjuvatn, was formed in a huge explosive volcanic eruption in 1875.


"Walking on the moon"

In 1965 and 1967, two groups of Apollo astronauts traveled to Iceland to study geology and train for the first moon landing. Highlight of the journey was a visit to Askja.

Askja lunar tour

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