FS-029 Melrakkaslétta & Raufarhöfn

Coastal route to Raufarhöfn - The Arctic Circle Village.

On the east side of Tjörnes peninsula, from a certain vantage point known as “Hringsbjarg,” there is a panoramic view of the Öxarfjörður region and out to Melrakkaslétta which means “Arctic Fox Plains” in English. The nearest district is Kelduhverfi which extends east to the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum, Iceland's second longest river. The lowlands are generally marshy and provide good feeding and breeding grounds for wetland birds. Out by the sea are extensive sandflats, deposits from Jökulsá river.

East of Jökulsá river is the country district of Öxarfjörður, extending from the coastal sandflats southwards to Hólssandur. The landscape is attractive, featuring sheltered woodlands addressed by low tuff mountains. Kópasker is a small village in Núpasveit district which grew out of the Co-op tradition which today provides services to local agriculture and fisheries. There is also an interesting exhibition at the Kópasker Earthquake Center.

Melrakkaslétta plain is renowned for the natural splendor of its spring and summer nights, a large number of lakes and rich bird life. At the northern end of the plain is Hraunhafnartangi point, Iceland's northernmost tip.

The tour starts from Húsavík where we drive along the Tjörnes peninsula to Kelduhverfi with couple of short stops. Ásbyrgi is a mystical place, attracting visitors from all over the world. We may also stop at the park’s visitor centre to learn more about Jökulsárgljúfur and how the glacier river has affect on the lowland and the sea. We head to Kópasker with stops along way in Öxarfjörður. After Kópasker, we head to the farm Núpskatla. From there, we’ll walk to Rauðinúpur, a 73 meter high crater which erupted late in the last Ice Age, which has many bird cliffs. From Núpskatla, we head to Raufarhöfn, a well-known fishing village, with beautiful views of the coast and many lakes and attractions. In Raufarhöfn, the Arctic Henge is being built. Similar to Stonehenge in Britian, this stone circle will celebrate Nordic mythology and Icelandic folklore.



Availability: April-October – daily on request, reservation required

Departure: Húsavík

Departure time: On request

Tour duration: Approx. 12 hours

Included: Fully guided tour and transportation

Note: Refreshments are not included in the tour price. Please note that spring and autumn travel may involve changes in the itinerary because of possibly difficult access to one or more of the sites.

Tour price (pr car):
See booking form below.

* Also available with departure from Ásbyrgi.
**Also available as a winter excursion

For further information and booking, please contact  info@fjallasyn.is

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